Dear Beloved AlchiMysters !
2016, une année exceptionnelle pour : AlchiMy
Nous serons, dans la très belle ville de Londres, vendredi 15, samedi 16 et dimanche 17 janvier 2016 afin de tourner un VIDEO CLIP sur une des chansons de notre premier album « Chercheur d’or »
A vous de deviner quelle est la chanson de l’album qui est utilisée pour ce VIDEO CLIP.
La chanson du VIDEO CLIP sera offerte à toutes les personnes qui auront trouvé avant le 30 Janvier 2016 !

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AlchiMy Live au chateau de Bossuit

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  • No_group_80x80
    18.01.2016 - 15:19 - AlchiMy

    Dear Beloved AlchiMysters !
    BET and Win NOW !

    2016, an extraordinary year for : AlchiMy

    We shall be in the very beautiful city of London, on Friday 15th, Saturday, 16th and Sunday, January 17th, 2016 to shoot a VIDEO CLIP on one of the songs of our first album : Chercheur d’Or, in english :"Gold digger"
    It’s up to you to guess which song of the album is used for this VIDEO CLIP !
    The song of the VIDEO CLIP will be offered to all the people who guess right before January 30th, 2016!
    Leave us a message on soundcould and you will receive that song for free download!
    To listen to the album and bet :
    Good luck to you All!
    Shodement: an excellent artist's management company, marvelously takes care of our career development since August 2015!
    Comming next :
    The release of a single in the beginning of the summer the latest, with the cooperation of the Very Big and Multi Grammy Award Winning Producer Mister Jeff Bova !
    We are also making ready concerts in London and in Europe for the year to come.
    A New Album in English is also on the grill.
    These are small parts of the evolution of our career in 2016!
    Because you supports is exceptional we reserve you many other presents! Then do not hesitate to join our free of charge newsletter so that we can hold you informed about all the beautiful surprises during the all year 2016!
    Free News Letter Registration Link for The AlchiMysters
    We are very proud of your loyalty, we love You! AlchiMy

  • No_group_80x80
    18.01.2016 - 15:16 - AlchiMy

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